Replace invalid Lotus Notes address

by syed_mahm at 2013-02-12 10:54:05

We are currently in Migration from Notes to Exchange 2010. We are using the tools for the process and it has been going well. However there is a By-Product of using the Tool, which is unable to translate notes address to smtp address in user inboxes after migration …Users who are moved with the tool get the following “David Smith/IT/Domain” in there Inbox , now user unable to reply some mails because of invalid address
I am able to –SearchQuery to migrated users mailboxes and found the invalid notes address …now I need help to replace “David Smith/IT/Domain” to
I have server invalid address need to replace with correct one

Thanks in advance
by IfiokM at 2013-02-12 20:53:13

I suggest you submit this question to … 10/threads the Exchange Support Forum. You may get answers faster.