Replace Exchange Contact Domain with New Domain For All Contacts

I am looking for some assistance with a powershell script that will search an OU that contains my Exchange Contacts based off of “” value and then replaces only the “” with “” When looking in the exchange properties of the contact the value is “External email address” Any assistance on this is greatly appreciated.
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One way to query contacts from AD is

Get-ADObject -LDAPFilter "ObjectClass=Contact"

Link for more:

Here you can use -SearchBase if you know the AD OU and pipe it to Where-Object and look only those “external email address” users. Then pipe it to Set-ADObject and -replace the domain. I think you might need to do a little bit splitting here also on the mailaddress.



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I was able to get this working with the following exchange powershell:

$users = Get-MailContact -OrganizationalUnit “Domain/User Accounts/test” |
where ExternalEmailAddress -like “

foreach($user in $users){
Set-MailContact $ -ExternalEmailAddress `
($user.ExternalEmailAddress -replace “”,“”) -Verbose