Remove-Item cert: not working on PS2.0

Hi guys,
I have been experiencing an issue all day where I cannot seem to remove a certificate from the cert provider using the following cmdlet:

remove-item cert:\LocalMachine\My\

The system(s) I want to remotely remove these from are Windows Server 2008 machines which are running their native 2.0 powershell version (yeah I know they need updating but unfortunately change control is holding that back atm.

So, when I run the said cmdlet I receive the following error:

Remove-Item : Provider execution stopped because the provider does not support this operation.

This is really bugging me and after searching through rafts of online articles and trying various other methods nothing seems to work.

anyone have any ideas and help ease my stress?


According to the documentation:

Remove-Item is not supported for Cert: until PS v3.0 and up.

Ok looks like we are in for a large scale upgrade :o

Thanks for your reply Joel, much appreciated :slight_smile: