Remoting / Modules - Best Practices?

Here is my scenario:

Attempting to manage 80 or so servers in a heterogeneous windows environment. I would like to be able to manage these through the use of custom modules, some that are specific to certain servers, others that are used with many of the servers.

What I had originally tried to do was place the modules in a shared UNC. However if I am understanding this correctly you cannot perform a double-hop with credentials when using PSSessions.

What is the best practice in this type of environment? I am trying to use remoting in a practical way and at the same time be able to modify modules from a central repository.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

You can do a double-hop, but you have to enable that capability. See the CredSSP discussion in “Secrets of PowerShell Remoting.”

Right now a file share is probably your best bet. Longer term, PowerShell Package Manager will make it easier to have an in-house repository of modules, which individual nodes could download (and update from) with a single command. So you could have local copies of code, but a central repo for easier maintenance.

You sir, are the man.

Thanks I’ll check this out.