Reinstall an app

Hi, I’ve been struggling with this for a little while. I’m trying to reinstall or repair an app on a local machine.

$reinapp = Get-WmiObject -Query "select * from win32_product where name='chrome55'"

If I change it to uninstall everything works fine. Any ideas?

Most installer packages don’t actually implement Reinstall.

Is there a way to do a repair?

Do you need this on a regular base? Is it really chrome you need this for? I’m just asking because chrome is often updated. The current version is 59. So when you’re looking for 55 it might be already a newer version. It could be easier to just remove the app and install again the current version or even the old version because it’s gonna be updated automaticly anyway.

Hi, chrome is just an example.

OK. The recommendation is still the same. Just uninstall and install again.