Regex learning resources

Hello All,

Can someone recommend a good resource(ebook, blog posts, etc) to learn the regex techniques which can be used with powershell? All the resources I came across so far are concentrating more on other programming languages like php, perl etc. While I understand the basics of it, it would be nice if we have any such topics which has some powershell examples or with examples which can be used in powershell. I have already gone through the built in powershell regex help information and would like to learn little more deeper. Thanks in advance.

I’m a fan of . It’s got all of the general regex information, as well as specifics about the differences between several common implementations. Everything that you see listed as “.NET” will also apply to PowerShell, for the most part (aside from case-sensitivity, which mostly depends on whether you’re using the -match, -imatch or -cmatch operators in PowerShell.)

Edit: Looks like they’ve added a PowerShell section in addition to the old .NET stuff. I haven’t reviewed it yet; wasn’t there the last time I went looking for stuff. :slight_smile:

Thank you Dave. I will check that out.