Ranking based on multiple values, any better way of doing it?

This is more of a question on what would be (if any) the most efficient way of doing it.
E.g. any accelerators or .Net classes/methods that would be better.
Only looking for native .NET or PS functionality.

I’ve currently solved the problem this way, included example data for easier testing.

$dataSet = @()
$dataSet += [PSCustomObject]@{DataName="Data1"; Value1=1; Value2=4; Value3=8;}
$dataSet += [PSCustomObject]@{DataName="Data2"; Value1=2; Value2=5; Value3=3;}
$dataSet += [PSCustomObject]@{DataName="Data3"; Value1=4; Value2=1; Value3=1;}

$Value1 = $dataSet | sort Value1 | select DataName, Value1
$Value2 = $dataSet | sort Value2 | select DataName, Value2
$Value3 = $dataSet | sort Value3 | select DataName, Value3

$rankList = @()
foreach($d in $dataSet)
    $value1Rank = $Value1.DataName.IndexOf($d.DataName) + 1
    $value2Rank = $Value2.DataName.IndexOf($d.DataName) + 1
    $value3Rank = $Value3.DataName.IndexOf($d.DataName) + 1

    $rankList += [PSCustomObject]@{DataName = $d.DataName
                                   Value1Rank = $value1Rank
                                   Value2Rank = $value2Rank
                                   Value3Rank = $value3Rank
                                   TotalScore = $value1Rank + $value2Rank + $value3Rank

The above is based on the lower the total score, the better (otherwise the sort would need to be reversed).
So in this case Data3 would get the lowest score of 5.

So the question is, is there a better way of solving the problem?

This is what is returned from $rankList. I am unclear what your ultimate objective is. By which property or properties would you like to sort your output?

DataName : Data1
Value1Rank : 1
Value2Rank : 2
Value3Rank : 3
TotalScore : 6

DataName : Data2
Value1Rank : 2
Value2Rank : 3
Value3Rank : 2
TotalScore : 7

DataName : Data3
Value1Rank : 3
Value2Rank : 1
Value3Rank : 1
TotalScore : 5

It’s not a sort question, the sort is just there to order the value from best to worst.
The index-number will then tell in which position the value has later on.

The data could be anything, it’s not really important.
E.g. it could be PizzaSize, Topping1, Topping2 :slight_smile:

The code works for what I need.
Meaning get a list of scores for each dataset based on the individual values they have.
E.g. in the Pizza example it could be the most popular pizza/topping combo.

The question is if there is a better way to come up to the same result.
E.g. in C# you would probably use Linq instead of counting index-nubmers.