Random Error: GetDscAction failed with server error 'ResourceNotFound(404)'

I’ve seen a bunch of posts where people always have this error due to a configuration error, but I haven’t seen any that randomly will have the error. Wondering if someone can help me out :slight_smile:

For about 10 days I’ve been noticing a significant uptick in the number of servers failing to run consistency checks. I’ll pop onto a server that just experienced this error and run an Update-DSCConfiguration -Verbose -Wait and it’s a coin flip if it works or not. Usually if I attempt running the cmdlet a few times it will eventually succeed.

I did follow these MS recommendations:




Any help in troubleshooting would be much appreciated!

Can you please let us know what error states ?

Yeah, sorry, here are some more details on the error. After running Update-DSCConfiguration I receive the below message. The agent Id is obviously just the single server I’m working on at that time, but it is happening on more than one.

Error : The attempt to ‘get an action’ for AgentId B8A6F2DC-C446-11E9-A2EC-00505698C0B1 from server URL https://<DSC_PULL_SERVER:PORT>///PSDSCPullServer.svc/Nodes(AgentId=‘B8A6F2DC-C446-11E9-A2EC-00505698C0B1’)/GetDscAction failed with server error ‘ResourceNotFound(404)’.
For further details see the server error message below or the DSC debug event log with ID

ServerErrorMessage:- ‘AgentID not found for B8A6F2DC-C446-11E9-A2EC-00505698C0B1.’


If I query the database for that agent id, it does exist and, as I mentioned, it does eventually succeed.


I ended up opening a case with Microsoft. Hopefully we can connect on Monday, but does anyone have any thoughts? The latest issue is the worker process appeared to hang. It was holding steady at 0%. This caused thousands of failures until I recycled the app pool, which I had to force close by restarting IIS.