PS Script to Folder to ISO

Is there any PS Script to convert folder to ISO?

Did you try to search for it? Google -> “powershell create iso image” -> 1. hit: Script New-ISOFile function - TechNet Gallery - Microsoft

Thanks for the reply Olaf Soyk. I have tried this. But this scripts includes parent folder also while creating iso. i want to exclude parent folder. Only folder contents should be made iso.

Did you at least read the provided help??? It’s there!!

dir c:\WinPE | New-IsoFile -Path c:\temp\WinPE.iso … (deleted some needless information for this case)
This command creates a bootable .iso file containing the content from c:\WinPE folder, but the folder itself isn’t included.

Thanks Olaf Soyk! It worked.

I read the help here after.