Problem with installation of Print Management Console via Powershell

we sometimes install the print management console via powershell

dism.exe /Online /Add-Capability /CapabilityName:Print.Management.Console~~~~

on computers with Windows 10 21H1 upwards because on those the Printer-Management-Snap-In in the MMC is not available by default - we use that Snap-In to export printer settings in order to set up computers for different branches.
Today we realized for the first time problems on several computers when we wanted to add the Printer-Management via Powershell with the line above: the installation either stops at 76% and doesn’t go on from there or it halts at 76% for a minute, then finishes but the Snap-In won’t be available in the MMC afterwards. Neither restarts of the computers, nor repeated installations of the Print-Management-Console help.

Does someone have similar experiences?

Why is that a PowerShell question when you’re using an external tool? :wink: Did you try to run the command from a CMD to verify if it is specific to PowerShell? You should take a look at the log files DISM writes.