Prepare and Configure Environment for Powershell Remoting

Hello Everyone,

As I prepare my network for Windows Powershell Remoting, I wanted to reach out and get any information I could from admins that have accomplished this already. I have read the Learn Windows Powershell in a Month of Lunches, but still want tips from the community. A little twist in our environment, we are not connected to the internet, which makes it difficult to ensure we have the latest help files, modules, etc. Any advice would be great and i look forward to hearing from the community.


For the help files, you can always have it downloaded from a machine which is connected to internet using Save-Help cmdlet and then copy it to a remote share then using -SourcePath parameter of Update-Help to update the help.

For remoting, you can enable it using Group Policy on all the domain joined systems. As it defaults to http, you can have 5986 ports opened in all the machines to use https (secure PowerShell remoting) which will require you to use a certificate.

Apart from the please have a look at JEA which is much more secure which requires a pre configuration on all the machines.

Addition in above suggestions, you can installed powershell Gallery locally and in that way you will have useful module, PowerShell Cmdlet,DSC resources,Script,workflow etc…offline.

How to install

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction and giving the resources to lookup. I’ll keep you updated when I learn more in the process.