PowerShell SP 2010 administration class available?

I am seeking points to classes specifically about the use of PowerShell to administer SharePoint 2010 farms. I have taken a course based on Microsoft’s “configuring and administering Microsoft SharePoint 2010” material but was hoping to find something based on other material, designed to deal primarily with the day to day issues that an admin will encounter.

Does anyone have any pointers to alternative courses?


Thank you

I don’t think there are any specific courses on powershell for sharepoint administration, it’s a bit too limiting.

If however you would like some reading material there are several books listed on Powershell books. Although some of them are for Powershell 2 they will still be relevant if not using the latest and greatest features. Of course even being for 2010 most of that will also apply for 2013 and beyond except where there have been drastic infrastructure changes.

Thank you for your reply. I was hoping we could find a really good SP 2010 admin course that dealt specifically with the kinds of things that people have to do day by day. I figured that even if the topic was not strictly powershell, that the core of the training would be around powershell solutions for many of the problems.

I just would like something other than based on the Microsoft contributed materials, since we already had the slides, etc. from that course and one person who had attended. I want at least one more of our team to know about the SP 2010 issues and solutions so that we can back each other up.

If we talk about the topic a bit broader than just powershell and sp 2010 admin, are there some recommendations for virtual training?


Thank you so much for your consideration of the topic.

I’m sure there is going to be some stuff out there other than the books that will do what you want but it’s not one i’m aware of. The main issue as i see it is the desire for certifications. You go on the course so you are proficient at using the software and then you want to pass the exam so it can go on your CV next to the years experiance. That means to offer a course you want it to align with what Microsoft is putting out.

Thats not to say that every course is like that, it isn’t.

On the book front, PowerShell for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administrators the 3rd part of the book is SharePoint 2010 and PowerShell: Real World Solutions which sounds like the sort of thing you are after, just not in the format you wanted.

I believe courses will become more powershell heavy as it gets more traction. With more of the server GUI interfaces turning into powershell front ends this will become easier. Being so heavily web based Sharepoint may well buck this trend for slightly longer though. Just my two pence/three cents.

Thank you for the book recommendation. I will see if I can talk the guys into doing reading instead of attending a class.


I really appreciate all the help.