Powershell script to extract what client users are using for mail

Is there a way for me to extract information on what my end users are using to connect to their mail
For example, Windows Mail / Native phone app / Browser / Outlook client?

I know that I can get a report from O365 tenant but I am trying to get a report that includes Windows Mail.

Does anyone know?


Didn’t you ask this already 4 days ago? :thinking:

It doesn’t make that much sense to ask the same question again and again.

What exactly do you mean with


I actually deleted that topic a few days ago (i thought it deleted I guess it didn’t)
I thought that the O365 report would give me the result I wanted but unfortunately it didn’t.
I am wanting to see if I can get an extract of if my end users are getting their mail with the Windows Mail client and not Outlook
Is that possible?

I have no idea.

It depends pretty much on the system you’re querying and if the information is actually there.

I’d say that’s less of a PowerShell issue than a O365 issue. You may get better or more helpful results asking this question in an O365 related forum.

You are right that’s probably the best thing to do. Since there are incredible gurus here I thought I’d poke here first :slight_smile: Thank you very much in advance Olaf!