PowerShell remoting over HTTPS to machine in trusting domain (one-way trust)

Hi, we have two forests (one domain per forest) with one-way trust (forest B trusts forest A) - ESAE design. I set up PowerShell remoting over HTTPS in the forest A so I can do PowerShell remoting over HTTPS between any machines in that forest. In the forest A there is one enterprise issuing CA whilst in the forest B there is a two-tier PKI hierarchy (standalone root CA plus enterprise issuing CA). What are the steps to allow PowerShell remoting over HTTPS from machine in the forest A to machine in the forest B? PowerShell remoting over HTTP works fine from source machine in the forest A to target machine in the forest B using account with required rights on target machine in the forest B.

Never had this scenario with one way trust. but if you are using certificate based remoting, you will have to have the root public key of the issuing authority (domain A) in the remote nodes in domain B, then it should work over https, you will use -CertificateThumbprint parameeter here.

Root-CA certificate in trusting domain B had to be added to Trusted Root Certification Authorities on machine PowerShell remoting over HTTPS is being established (initiated) from (in domain A).