Powershell question (may be)


I’m finishing up my script that creates new users. Now the problem I’m running into is this:

We have several departments in HQ, for example Central Approvals Office, my script looks up a user that works in Central Approvals Office and finds that person. The problem is that, HR sometimes, enters CAO instead of Central Approvals Office, and when I run the script, it can’t find a user in CAO.

Without using a bunch of if statements, how would I let PowerShell know CAO is Central Approvals Office

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You’d have to check for both, either using some kind of “or” clause or two separate searches. PowerShell can’t “know” that they’re the same thing.

Alternately, look into solutions that can enforce consistency in AD :).

Thank you, I’m talking with HR about using official department names.

This is most likely an Excel problem if the data is coming from HR. They need to add data validation on the department column so they have to choose one that’s valid.