PowerShell queries across sites very slow

Hey guys,

I am setting up Exchange 2010 on Windows 2012 servers in 2 sites. These are 2 different AD sites and they are connected with a 10MB pipe with no firewalls between them. When I run Exchange queries such as Get-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory, which queries IIS on the servers, the servers in the remote sites take forever to respond. Like 20-30 minutes. The link is not being used heavily. Attaching to the file system on the box using windows explorer works fine. Database replication over the link is fast. It is just PowerShell commands. This happens in both directions. Any ideas?

Thank you,

Is this if you do general queries? What happens if you specify a specific servername in the cmdlet?

Have you tried running PowerShell cmdlets against a server across the sites eg anything with a computername parameter or using remoting?