Powershell on Win10 IoT

Anyone have any experience and or guidance on PowerShell on Win10 IoT? A quick google search leads me to believe there are no major issues. What to look out for, what to expect etc …

Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks.

A quick update. I was able to build an IoT VM on ESXI, then connect a remote powershell session to the IoT Core and troubleshoot my script in that way. A bit cumbersome, but I was able to get an understanding of the changes required for my script to run on IoT Core. In the end, my script will not run on IoT Core.

In case anyone cares, Get-Command returns approximately 660 results versus about 1600 for a base Win10 Pro install. The one missing that killed my script was ConvertTo-HTML.


Can you install modules? There’s Don Jone’s ConvertTo-EnhancedHTML if so.

Why thank you Doug. I will look into that. I did grab the source code for ConvertTo-HTML and put together a DLL from that, but I would MUCH rather not re-invent the wheel :slight_smile:

I will use the module you reference and report back if it solves my problem. As long as it does the same as the native ConvertTo-HTML, I should be good to go. Thanks again Doug.