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I installed PowerShell in Linux machine, I am using invoke command to connect windows machine from Linux, Also i installed “gssntlmssp” Linux package . But i am facing the error “Authorization failed Unspecified GSS failure”. after research I found my Linux machine has FIPS enable. so my guess FIPS is blocking the gssntlmssp package. So anyone help me How to resolve this issue without FIPS disabled.

Thanks you.

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You already asked this question 12 days ago. I do not have any experiences with PowerShell on Linux. And I’d suspect there are limitted people having a lot of experiences on this topic. :man_shrugging:t3:

Anyway, it does not make any sense to post your question again and again.

Since it might be possible that you need to have more Linux know how than PowerShell to solve your issue you may try to ask that question in a Linux focussed forum. :wink:

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I did some digging. NTLM uses algorithms that FIPS does not support.

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