Powershell core hangs on Linux when opening remote session to Winodws

I am running powershell core 6.2.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 or CentOS 7. In order to connect using NTLM additional libraries were installed: krb5-multidev libkrb5-dev gss-ntlmssp

I am trying to connect to windows machine using the command:

Enter-PSSession –ComputerName –Credential $cred –Authentication Negotiate

When using a domainless user, it works.

When using a user in a domain, no matter if the password is correct or not, powershell hangs. Can’t be stopped even with CTRL-C.

I have a feeling some library should be installed, but can’t figure out which one.





Strace was executed in order to capture activity while the problem occurs.

Hi talkapon82,

Could you please use a pastebin-like service to host the strace data? If you need a hand with that, let me know.

Thank you.

the strace output is available here: https://servicenow.box.com/s/zh1sw3rdcfp3oma7tozvq3ih1amg8mhs