PowerShell automation with FlaUI

I am developing a PowerShell script using the FlaUI library to automate PAC 2021, and I am currently facing an issue with the report window. After right-clicking on PDF/US, I am unable to shift the focus into the context menu to click the ‘Full Expand’ option. PAC 2021 does not support keyboard input for selecting this value, so any assistance would be appreciated.

Hi there and welcome!

Could you please share your code and exactly how the PS relates to this process? Does PS generate this report for viewing? Have you confirmed this isn’t some sort of UI bug in their software?


This seems to be more related to FlaUI than PowerShell. I trust you have reviewed the tools available here?

Perhaps the Inspection tool?


Thank you for your response. Yes, I used the tool, but as I am fairly new to PowerShell automation,

Thank you for your response. I found another hacky way by accessing it with a right-click keyboard action, and it works…