PowerShell and Word Smart Art

I’ve been looking for this over Internet and I wasn’t able to find it.
Where can I search for all possibilites of PowerShell creation and edition of Word documents?
I’m trying to do an Organization Chart, but it is under Smart Art menu.

Did you try it in StackOverflow? Did you think about using VBA? It might be easier because it’s made for.

Use your favorite search engine to search for the string you posted or something like …

‘powershell automate ms word’

…and you’ll find the resources you need.

Examples -

This first article will dip our toes into creating the Word Com object, looking at sending text to Word and adjusting some of the various fonts and styles to give you a stepping stone on what you can do. I will be using Word 2013 in this article, so your mileage may vary if using older versions.

Beginning with PowerShell and Word | Learn Powershell | Achieve More

In the previous post I mentioned that I was asked to produce a PDF document with source code for a library. In that post I reviewed how to detect and fix file encoding and process files line by line. In this post I’ll show how to create Word/PDF documents from PowerShell.

Generate Word documents with PowerShell | by Sergei Dorogin | Sergei Dorogin’s technical blog