Powershell and IIS troubleshooting Questions - Interview

Hi all,

I wonder if anyone can help
Recently I applied for the job role of an IT Support Engineer (Junior Graduate)
I have tech experience but it’s not really related to Powershell and IIS troubleshooting. My experience is more command line Unix based and Oracle/Excel based so I was surprised when I got the call for the interview

I will be given a 2 hour test on the day and the only information I have been given is the following

‘Formal technical interview - it will consist of questions around our core technologies; PowerShell, IIS (Windows webhosting and troubleshooting) and SQL Server. The session will last for 2 hours and is not a designed as a direct test of knowledge, but a test of problem solving in a technical environment.’

As a beginner what should I prepare for or the type of questions do you think may come up?

That’s a pretty HUGE ground to cover. Those are three complex products; the best I could think of would be to speed-cram some of the “Month of Lunches” books for PowerShell, SQL Server, and IIS - that’ll get you at least a basic grounding in their terminology and concepts. But if they truly get into “here’s a problem, how would you start to solve it,” you may be hosed. I’d worry about being able to actually hold down the job, regardless of the interview.