PowerShell and Fancy UI's? Maybe with Unity?

While sitting in a stationary train for 30minutes just a few meters away from the train station I needed some good distraction from this pointless waiting. So my brain came up with a new idea that I’d like your opinions about.

Since I started with PowerShell, I build myself quite a few scripts which I use for monitoring some servers and the .log file of my CTI client (just for a cleaner view with everything important I really need).
For quite some time, when building my UI’s, I got bored of the ‘simple’ old school look of all the UI elements you can use. They are fine for normal business applications. But since neither my work or myself are normal I want something different and really fancy (yes, fancy like a something you only see in sci-fy computer games menus, cutscenes or on ingame monitors).
First I came up with a simple .html file with an auto refresh and some nice cool looking charts and buttons with JS/jQuery which get their data from the PS scripts. They are a good improvement to the standard MSforms elements but still nothing fancy :stuck_out_tongue:

Since I’d prefer a single .exe to display all the monitored stats and events, I’m searching for a better alternative. Are there any other alternatives if you just want to display data in a fancy UI (out from .log and .csv files)? What about Unity? Would that be possible? It should still be possible to refresh the values every x seconds and interact with the output (like ordering a DGV asc- or descending by clicking the header). Or are there any other options besides Unity and JS?
Maybe even a way to create a full blown menu which can even start a specific .ps1 script or function?

thanks in advance

Hi, look at Electron , using web technologies you can build an application that can still communicate with powershell scripts and read/write data from local filesystem.