Possible to use Powershell to run report in Blackbaud EMS?

Blackbaud Education Management Solutions has many Sky API’s which I can run by automating them.

There are 2 reports in CORE that I can run, but cannot automate the running.

I have created a batch file that opens Chrome and logs into my Blackbaud account, but I would like the same or another batch file to go to the report and run it, exporting it to my W10 drive.

The report is called, “Student Schedule - By Day Name (Grid) Landscape,” and "Teacher Schedule - By Day Name (Grid) Landscape
Is this possible?

Thank you very much,


@bpugh22 Welcome to PowerShell.org forums.

Are you using only batch files ? Is PowerShell involved anywhere you your code/solution ?
If so can you share the code or a sample code for folks to get more clarity on what you wanted to achieve.

Are you using only batch files ?

I’ve only found 1, so far. It opens chrome and allows me to sign into my Blackbaud account automatically.

Is PowerShell involved anywhere you your code/solution ?

No. I just thought that that might be the method of choice.

Here is what I want to achieve.

  1. use batch file to use chrome to sign me into my Blackbaud account;

  2. use script to go to specific URL and then run a Blackaud report called, “Teacher Schedule - by Day Name (Grid) Landscape.”

  3. download the export as a csv into C:\

Unfortunately, there are no APIs for this report, so I am asking if I can still get the report as descibed in any other way.

Is my task clear enough now?

Thank you!


Got it. But using PowerShell is the way to go for such tasks. If you have plans to write PowerShell for this,
more folks from the forum will be able to help you. I am not sure there are batch file expert here as this is a PowerShell forum.

I am willing to try anything. Do you at least think that what I want to do is possible?


Technically possible, since you are calling Blackbaud via code, it all depends on Blackbaud API support.
You will be using mostly Invoke-RestMethod to do this and Export-Csv for exporting the report. If the API supports direct CSV download, the a separate cmdlet wont be required.

PS: I don’t know what Blackbaud is.