Possible to find list of startup hotkey mapppings?

Desktops and Laptops have different startup hotkey mappings in order to access the BIOS, recovery manager, and other settings.

Its frustrating having to guess and reboot in order to find which keys work… it also doesn’t allow for the full range of options to be found as some machines even require a combination of hotkeys to be pressed…

Is there a location/config file that we can access with powershell that shows the key mappings and what options are available.

For example

Macbook pro
SHIFT key = safe mode
Fn key + F8 key = Recovery Manager
Alt key = startup Manager
Alt + Cmd + P + R = Reset NVRAM or PRAM

F2 key = Enter BIOS

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Since those key bindings are vendor / hardware specific and built in the BIOS - not in the OS I would not expect PowerShell to be able to read those config options in any way.

So the answer to your question, if that was a question is: “No, unfortunately not”. Sorry. :man_shrugging:t3:


Confirming, the answer is no. This info exists outside of the Operating System.

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Appreciate the replies guys.

Would there be a generic location this config is stored in(speaking outside of the OS)?

For example a column in the MBR or some type of commonly used registry.

It still maybe gettable in such case but may require a hacky-type script

It’s part of the firmware

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