posh web access - default logon page customization

Does anyone know how to change the default header on the powershell web access logon page from ‘Windows PowerShell Web Access’ to ‘Some company Posh Web access’ ?


many thanks!

I asked some MVP friends and Sarah Dutkiewicz came up with a great answer:

The web dev in me had to do some exploring, as I demo PWA in my “What’s New in PS 3” talk and got curious. I’m not sure what the Microsofties will say but this is what I’ve found out:

PWA is nothing more than a web application in IIS (with some awesome functionality).
They’re using JavaScript to control the title of the web app.
If you have the right permissions, you can edit FormLayout.Master, line 79 with the following change:

this.document.title = L_FeatureName_Text;

this.document.title = “Company Name” + L_FeatureName_Text;

Yes, this is possible. Whether the Microsofties back it or not may be another story.

~ Sadukie
Visual C# MVP

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your solution! I really appreciate this.