Persistently loaded libraries

Hi All,
I’ve got a few libraries that I use frequently in PowerShell, which I call/load/import using the;

Though I have to make that call each time I start PowerShell. It’s not the end of the world, but surely there’s a way I can configure PowerShell to load these dlls on startup? I have tried putting them into a file created to match the $profile variable, but I’m not convinced this $profile is being used (as even a simple set-location command doesn’t seem to take effect). Calling the profile as a script, however, does work.

Any advice is appreciated.

Hi All,
I solved this myself. I didn’t realise the PowerShell ISE and PowerShell console used different profiles, so had created a $profile in ISE which was ineffectual in PowerShell. Adding my LoadFile calls to the correct profile had the desired results.