Partial Configuration PowerShell DSC Credential Decryption Error


I have found a bug in DSC and am wondering where to report it.

UserVoice appears to be mostly dead and when I filed it as an Issue on GitHub I was told they were not responsible.

UserVoice is still the best medium to report issues. On the side note this is a known issue to the PowerShell DSC team so having more votes on uservoice to prioritize would certainly help the team. Here are some already existing threads on decryption issues:

The second post is by me.

The first one can be handled if you name each partial configuration $partialconfigname.$computername and you put each configuration function in its own file with:
–Begin File–
Configuration $configname {

–End File–

The problem I have pointed out is unrelated. If the DSC team is aware then, as has unfortunately become common with DSC, it is completely undocumented