Parameter Name should be in Upper Case

Is this possible.
I have created a custom function called New-File

Function New-File {
New-Item -Name $Name -Path $Path -ItemType File

If the Parameter Path or Name is type by the user in lower case, it should not work.

This should work
New-File -Path E:\ -Name Testing

This should not work. As the path parameter is type in lower case.
New-File -path E:\ -Name Testing

I tried using $PSBoundParameters but failed. Is there a way to do this.

Reason: My Client want it this way.

PowerShell is by design case insensitive so I doubt this is possible. case sensitivity for parameters doesn’t make any sense

So you might ask your client what’s the advantage of having case sensitive parameter names. IMHO that’s the most futile request I have ever heard of.

The only way you’ll likely accomplish this is to do your own argument processing.

function test_args()
  Write-Host "arg 0:  $($args[0])"
  Write-Host "arg 1:  $($args[1])"

test_args -File "Name"