Parallel processing/Remoting/getting status


I need to write a ps script that has to run 3 processes on 3 different servers.
The process1 on server1 is independent, which will run for upto 10 hours to complete. But it will update a table table1 with some specific data after 3 or 4 hours
The process2 of server2 depends on this table1 data from process1 of server1. once the table1 is filled with the flag value, the process2 can be started.
The process3 on sever3 is depends on the process1 , when the process1 completes this process3 can be started.

note: The process2 has to watch the progress of process1

Please try to help me designing this.


Sorry, that is not the purpose of these forums. If you have a specific question or you can’t wrap your brain around the behavior of a script, we can try to help, but we can’t design solutions for you.