Output $error[0] Variable to Readable Format

Hi All,

I’ve got a script that runs reports against a vCenter server. It will tell me whether the VM exists or not. Everything works great except for the error var. I’m trying to output the $error I have below into a CSV file so that it’s easy to remove the characters before and after the single quotation marks. In the example below ‘testing’ is the VM that I can’t run a report against since it doesn’t exist in vCenter. I’m running this command to generate the output but I’d like it cleaned up a bit.

$error[0] | Group-Object | Format-Table Name -AutoSize | Out-String

Here is the output:

7/23/2020 2:10:42 PM Get-VM VM with name ‘testing’ was not found using the …

The date and time will change in each row that gets populated in the CSV file as the report is generated against the VM’s.

Any ideas would be appreciated!




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There are several problems with the approach. $Error is all errors, not specifically a vm not being found, using the index 0 is just the last error that occurred. Not sure what the Group-Object is doing, but there should just be the last error and nothing to really group. Format-Table should be the end of pipeline. A better approach is to capture the error in a try catch:

try {
    $vm = Get-VM -Name $vmName -ErrorAction Stop
catch {
    'Error occurred connecting to VM {0}.{1}' -f $vmName, $_

There is a error e-book in the Resources section that you may want to take a look at as well