Orchestration with DSC

I just watched the TechEd overview on PowerShell DSC. I am interested in how you would handle orchestration with DSC. For example:

Stop windows service on server A
Stop windows service on Server B
Copy files to upgrade service on Server B
start windows service on Server B
start windows service on Server A

The technology looks very exciting.

Michael Hedgpeth

Cross-machine dependencies are a feature being added to DSC with PowerShell v5; that sort of orchestration isn’t currently available. However, you will want to be careful about how you use this even when that option is available; you don’t want to be stopping and starting services every time DSC checks your configuration, for example, and there’s not a particularly good way to tell it to do that only if the files need to be updated.

Cool as it is, DSC isn’t always the right tool for the job.

Thanks for the answer. Yes, as I think about it the orchestration described above is probably not a great process; ideally you would want services from disparate nodes to be independent of one another and thus tolerant of outages