Offline Installation of PowerShell

First of all, thanks in advance to all who are willing and able to assist.

We have a network (a Windows domain network) that is not connected to the Internet due to security concerns. I would like to utilize the Group Policy Management cmdlet set when performing my domain/GP admin duties. Our DCs are Windows Server 2008 R2 and have the Group Policy Management feature enabled, yet due to the network not being connected to the Internet, the cmdlet set did not download and install. So yes, when I attempt to run any of the GP-specific cmdlets, such as Get-GPOReport, or Get-GPO* for that matter, there are no such cmdlets installed on either of our DCs.

Does anyone know how I can obtain a module installer for this specific GP PS ver 2 (or newer!) component set ? I would rather have the cmdlets installed and operational from the DCs themselves, but I am definitely willing to work remotely from a workstation if that is necessary. I just need the functionality in the domain.

Again, thank you to all that are able to assist,


There’s no “download and install” for cmdlets related to core operating system features. They’re a feature of the operating system, and tied to a version of PowerShell. If they were available for Win2008R2, they’d already be there, but for Win2008R2, the GP cmdlets are not available. I believe they were first available for Win2012. Also bear in mind that PowerShell v2 is deprecated; you’re not going to see any new investment or module creation on v2.

On your workstation, you should be able to install the RSAT (which you can download elsewhere and then sneaker-net over). I believe the GP cmdlets first existed in the Win8 RSAT, so you’d need to be running Win8 or later on your workstation.

It’s fun to see “for security reasons” and “our DCs are Win2008R2” in the same paragraph :). For security reasons, your Domain Controllers in particular should be running Win2016 if security is a concern.

Hope that helps!