Office 365 MobilePhone field

I am trying to extract the MobilePhone field from the contact list in Office 365, but can’t find a way to perform this, does anyone know of a cmdlet or method for extracting this information? I’ve been using Get-DistrobutionGroupMember and Get-DistrobutionGroup as part of my script, which pulls all the information I need except MobilePhone. Thanks!

I use Exchange but not O365. To my knowledge the property “MobilePhone” is not an Exchange property, but one that is tied to the Active Directory User object. There are three “Phone” properties on your AD User object, HomePhone, MobilePhone, and OfficePhone.


Get-ADUser JohnDoe -properties * | select name,mobilephone

If you need help working this into your script you’ll need to post some code, but you get the basic idea.

So, The information I’m trying to pull is from the Users in Contact Lists that are apart of distribution groups , not actual AD/Azure users. I couldn’t find something for this