Noob questions about poweshell

Hello, Im new in the powershell world and have a questions about command sinergy, i want to do a script who will list to me all my AD devices (computers and servers) and then it will be track the capacity of then, i’ll use foreach but i dont know how to use the command “get-Adcomputer” (to list all of my devices) and a disk command (i think in get-ciminstance win32_logicalDisk) and when i try it list me all of my computers it list correcly but only shows me my local storage and i want to “link” twite commands.

Im very noob in powershell and hope any reader can understand my english Thanks!!!

Welcome to the forum. :wave:t4:

What you asked for is a very common task. It has been asked many time s before and it has been answered many times before. Please use your prefered internet search engine to search for some examples.

There are many examples either here in this forum or on StackOverflow - PowerShell or the PowerShellGallery

If you already have some code you’ve got stuck with you’re very welcome to share this code here and what’s not working as expected and we will be happy to try to help you.

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