Newbie question about wildcard / expected output


I’m recently beginning to focus on Powershell and saying goodbye to old tools and methods and still in a very early beginning stadium so newbie warning/stupid questions galore…

Can anyone tell me why I can’t get the output without the wildcard where seemingly there is no next character?



Yes, there are few functional differences between the PSProviders, you can’t expect the same type of output from two different PSProviders with the same CmdLet.

Here in your case you should use either Get-Item or Get-ItemProperty to get results as expected.

Thank you.

Thank for your reply.

With that answer I see that it makes sense in that I don’t get output with get-childitem in that there are no underlying items anymore so in that thought line you can expect no result of childitems but a result with Get-Item.

It’s a bit quircky cause you do get a result with the wildcard.

ANyway, thanks for helping me getting a better understanding, very much appriciated.