Need guidance for executing scripts from member server

Hello Team,

As topic title says, I want to run a script from a IIS server hosted on Server 2012 R2. The script contains few cmdlets from AD module. For example, get-addomain. Now the script is fully functional from Server 2012 and 16 DC. But I want to execute it from the mentioned IIS server having only IIS feature installed.

I’m in planning stage now. So I need your guidance to proceed further. Please guide me what is the best way to execute that script from the IIS server. I thought of RSAT feature installation. Is there any alternative in your mind? I want the script should run as like as if it executed from DC. Please suggest/share me your experience, how to do?


This is a addon query :relaxed:. I want to know, how this ad cmdlets work? Is it use psremoting or just query the ntds.dit?

Read about Implicit remoting in PowerShell. It can help you.