Need a script to delete DNS records on infoblox (DNS management tool)

We are using Infoblox DNS management tool to manage DNS in our environment. Could someone help to give me the script to delete the DNS records using that script?



Definitely nobody is gonna give a ready made script in the forums. I would suggest you to go through below link where it has come cmdlets to do what you need here (never used infoblox)

You can update this thread with any difficulties faced when using the cmdlets used there, folks here will try to help you.

Thanks for it. Actually, I didn’t work with this third part DNS management tool.

By using Infoblox-Classy/Remove-IBDNSARecord.ps1 at master · murrahjm/Infoblox-Classy · GitHub, we need to delete the DNS records in Infoblox. Could you please anyone help here to do this job.

What issues are you facing?

What have you tried?


You’re saying ‘help’ but it sounds a lot like ‘do’