Need a PowerShell v. 4 or 5 reference book recommendation

Hi guys,

I’m looking for a PowerShell v 4 or 5 book that focuses on the development side of PowerShell.
I’m more into developing large scripts, rather than command prompt one-liners, also tool making is NOT on top of my list. The book has to focus on the new v. 4 or 5 ways of doing stuff, like the use of parenthesis ( ).property rather than piping it through and capture it on the other side as it would have been necessary in v2 . It should also be able to explain stuff like parsing variables from the scripts main scope into a remote session scope by the “using” statement. And least, it would be very nice if it has some focus on using the underlying .Net library as well.

Don’t think there is anything like that. Nearest that I know of is third edition of PowerShell in Action - Payette & Siddaway -

Hi Michael!

It sounds like your end goal is to write larger scripts. Is there a reason you stressed not being interested in tool making (i.e. are you already well-versed in it)?

It’s important to note that tool making is often needed even when working on larger scripts. Unless you want a monolithic, awful-to-maintain, awful-to-debug, terrifying-to-extend mess, it really helps to build your larger scripts out of re-usable tools (i.e. functions).

I haven’t read the third edition, but if it’s as solid as the second edition, PowerShell in Action that Richard mentioned would be the way to go.

Good luck either way!