Need a bit of help with this script

There are 2 csv files - MS_Monthly_CVE.csv containing the KB list of vulnerabilities and the autocheck.csv where it should update with info taken from first file.

$data = Import-Csv C:\Users\test\Downloads\MS_Monthly_CVE.csv
$checks = import-csv C:\Users\test\Downloads\autocheck.csv

$kbhash = @{}

foreach($cve in $data){
$kbhash.($cve.Supercedence) = $cve.KBArticle

foreach($check in $checks){
$jxpathkbs = $check.jxpath -replace ".*?/hotfix_id,'([^']+)'\)\).*",'$1'
$kbnums = @($jxpathkbs -split "," -replace "KB")

$newkbfound = $false
$newkbs = $kbnums.clone()
foreach($kb in $kbnums){
if($newkbs -notcontains $kbhash.$kb){
# Write-Host "$kb -> $($kbhash.$kb)" -ForegroundColor Green
$newkbfound = $true
$newkbs += $kb
# Write-Host $kb -ForegroundColor Yellow

$newjxpathkbs = $check.jxpath -replace "(?<=/hotfix_id,')[^']+(?='\)\))",(@($newkbs | ForEach-Object {"KB$_"}) -join ",")
Write-Host "Orig: $($check.jxpath)" -ForegroundColor Yellow
Write-Host "New : $newjxpathkbs" -ForegroundColor Green
Write-Host "--------------------"
Write-Host "NoCh: $($check.jxpath)" -ForegroundColor Gray

for instance if we pick a row from autocheck.csv (/mapModel/fleet/hostsRq/response/hosts[windowsPatchesRq[responseStatus=‘OK’][not(ext:isAnyFromCsv(response/hotfix_id,‘KB5004948,KB5005043,KB5005573,KB5006669,KB5007192,KB5008207,KB5009546,KB5010359,KB5011495,KB5012596,KB5013952,KB5014702’))]]/analysisObjectGoId) - take 5014702. In the MS_Monthly_CVE.csv should search in I column (Supercedence) for this number.
For instance 5014702 can be found in I277
If Supercedence is 5014702
that means KB5014702. Then check in MS_Monthly_CVE.csv in the same row as I but in B column (B277) the number (5015808
), add KB in front of it and then rewrite the sentece as /mapModel/fleet/hostsRq/response/hosts[windowsPatchesRq[responseStatus='OK'][not(ext:isAnyFromCsv(response/hotfix_id,'KB5004948,KB5005043,KB5005573,KB5006669,KB5007192,KB5008207,KB5009546,KB5010359,KB5011495,KB5012596,KB5013952,KB5014702,KB5014702,KB5015808'))]]/analysisObjectGoId

Instead of a download link where the user has to accept conditions you should share some sample data directly and format them as code. Please do not make it harder as needed to help you. :wink:

And please ask a specific question.

You don’t need to create a new post … you can edit your existing one and fix it.

Thanks in advance.