N+1 configuration with 4 Physical Blades assigned to a single resource pool

I want to be able to set an N+1 configuration where a resource pool gets the equivalent processing power of 3 blades expandable into the forth blade. In addition, I want to make a custom share value that ensures that the resource pool gets all the shared time of four physical hosts during contention.

Here is the command I am using to customize that value. All I need to know is how to customize the number of shares to ensure that it owns all the time from the equivalent 4 blades in our cluster.

Set-ResourcePool -ResourcePool ( Get-ResourcePool ‘STI WinSTIS Lab’ -Location xen01) -MemReservationGB 767.795356750488 -MemExpandableReservation 255.931785583496 -CpuReservationMhz 167940 -CpuExpandableReservation 55980 -CpuSharesLevel custom -NumCpuShares ??? -Confirm

Please look at the pic to see stats on the host machine. Thanks in advance for the help.

I’m not entirely sure of the question - are you really asking “how do I query the total number of time in the cluster?”

Not to just pass you off, but if you’re not getting a good answer here, my understanding is that the official PowerCLI forums are a good place for questions on that topic.