Music making with Powershell

I would want to take a string (letters and/or numbers) and define a variable, have PS process it algorithmically or even via a preset construct based on musical tones (12 chromatic pitches) and output that result. I could then take these pitches as fodder for musical composition or improvisational activity. The creative scripting fun would be just how I might define the function for that variable. The performance/compositional fun would be experiencing the music!

This isn’t particularly new in music history. Bach, Schumann, Brahms et al, all used small subsets of their alphabet > musical pitches as resource material for composition but I seek to go deeper and create on the fly and am not relegated to classical or jazz.

I have lots of ideas on how I would define the strings but would like to work with someone designing it or help me design it myself. I would gladly pay for this education and collaboration.


Interesting idea.

Quite sometime ago I read this

I think it will server you well as a starting point

Arie, most definitely thank you very much for posting this. The arrays are the answer. The comments too are most useful. It will get me started towards my own requirements.