Moving Files from COYO to SharePoint

Hi All,

I do have html sites on COYO full of information. My goal here is to migrate the files on this platform to SharePoint. Please, I would appreciate any suggestions, script or tools to achieve this. Would not want to do manual migration.


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First of all: What is COYO? :wink:

PowerShell is quite good when it comes to structured data. HTML on the other hand is usually not considered to be structured data.

If I got it right I think you’d be better off with an API or with tools specialized on HTML parsing.

Hi Olaf,
thanks for your reply :).

COYO is a cloud based platform for our employee communication and collaboration.

Yes, I would like to look into your suggestions on API or tools with HTML Parsing, please are there quick guides or tips related to this case that you could share with me?


:smirk: I thought my question “what COYO is” actually made clear that I don’t know about COYO. So I don’t know if this tool has an API or not. You may ask the vendor for help on that.

I couldn’t recommend any HTML parser tool either because I’ve never needed one, sorry.

This forum is more about people helping other people with their PowerShell code, generally issues and questions about their specific code.

Ok, thank you nevertheless.