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I have a question regarding the most commadlest that help you analyze of discover an issue with matters affecting office 365.

For instance in one issue with client email disappearing. We run get-retentionpolicy to find out the reason for disappearing emails was the retention policy was set to 60 days.

Please share if you have any similar commands that help you find out the issue with any office 365 application. In my job, I do cloud support, I am not a powershell expert but I got the basics, knowing userfull commands that shows the issue will make it easier instead of escalating to Microsoft for such simple cases.

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I recommend for you to start to learn the very basics of Powershell. You can use Get-Command to list all cmdlets. Of course you can limit the output with the parameter -Module to the cmdlets of the module of interest.

And please less caps.


We are not blind or deaf.

Thank you for your answer. Actually, I was looking for a list of the most useful commands that would help to diagnose issues with Microsoft office 365 applications.

IMHO your question is way too vague to give a reasonable answer. If you have a particular issue you should ask about this particular issue. Regardless of that it could be a good idea to ask question about O365 in a forum specially related to O365.

There is no such thing.

What is common for one org is not common for others.

Only MS can say what are the most common things. Thus you really need to ask on those forums.

ANd if you just mean O365 (Exchange online), this that is virtually little different than Exchange on-prem. Yet, when many say O365, they are things all of MSOnline and they really should not think of it that way. Each is it’s own services set.

Lastly, why do you search for? A simple search using the string ‘powewrshell troubeshooting o365’, would return you a whole list of things like what you may be looking for.

Yet, as Olaf points out, this also comes across that you are very new to PowerShell in general and O365. So, please spend the time on Youtube, MSDN Channel 9, Microsoft Virtual Academy, TechNet Virtual labs to get up to speed. Just search for ‘Beginning PowerShell’, ‘PowerShell O365’, ‘O365 troubshooting’, etc., on those resources.