Modules for SCCM and cluster networking (sharing my github)

Hey all,

Figured I’d just share my company’s Github so I could share back after all the help various people have been to me on this forum. Feel free to use/abuse these modules as you see fit:

Two modules in there right now, one a bit more robust than the other.

cClusterNetworking This is one I whipped up one night for a client who wanted to use DSC to control his Hyper-V clusters and keep them … well in a desired state. Current wave of xFailoverCluster contains no way to manage the cluster networks, so this module solves that. Very simple: you give it both the IP address and prefix length (24, 16) and the resource matches that against the networks in your cluster (sense you can’t directly create them and rely on the cluster resources to make them). Once you have a match you can configure the cluster network name, Metric, and if it’s mode (Public, Private, Mixed). It’s “baby’s first resource” so it’s a bit on the simple side but it works.

cSCCM Much more involved module, at least from my perspective. This was made by me to help me hydrate SCCM sites quickly using DSC instead of custom scripts. Contains 3 resources to create folders, collections, and collection queries. I have an example file for this but no readme, but hopefully looking at the params will make it pretty clear what you can hydrate with these tools. Hopefully helpful for you SCCM consultants our there (I now have a 200+ collection hydration template that I can lean on … working on server role installation now … but that’s a ways off). I actually use it in my staging/demo labs now to make sure my demos are always “ready”. Has a lot of limits still (while hydration needs to be done by names maintaining is better off with IDs … so I may need to make another set of resources based on ObjectIDs).

If this isn’t the place for this kind of post, sorry. Just thought I’d advertise for the PowerShell world to use.