Mobile friendly Wordpress theme

Hi Will,

As requested the reminder :slight_smile:

It would be great if our Wordpress theme could be updated to be mobile friendly, especially the Forums.

ICAN reply to forum posts from a phone without using my laptop SO THAT help to forum users can be provided faster, especially for the easy questions which do not require testing in a PowerShell console.

Thanks very much! It was great to meet you at the Summit.

Thanks for the reminder Daniel! This is something that we’ll be looking at in the next design review!

Keep in mind you don’t really “update” a theme; you build an entirely new one from scratch :wink: So it’s a non-trivial activity.

Thanks so much for implementing the mobile friendly theme so soon after my suggestion.

I mostly like the update. The only item I do not like is that the articles that used to be front and center almost disappear now from the screen even with a resolution of 1920x1080.

All the best to you,

The articles are on a dedicated “Articles” tab, rather than being on the home page. With as many things as we’re offering, having a more formal “front page” makes it a little easier to direct someone’s attention.