Missing H: drive in report

I have an issue where when I run the get-aduser cmdlet on a client’s domain controller, it is not listing the HomeDirectory path for the user. Example:

Get-ADUser -filter * -Properties HomeDirectory

DistinguishedName : CN=Jordan Jackson,OU=Optima Sales Users,OU=Optima Sales,OU=AMP Users,DC=ampinternal,DC=com
GivenName : Jordan
HomeDirectory :
Name : Jordan Jackson
ObjectClass : user
ObjectGUID : 50444eed-f89b-4bba-8b60-79be270296d1
SamAccountName : jjackson
SID : S-1-5-21-3076588975-61741430-1177434939-11450
Surname : Jackson
UserPrincipalName : jjackson@ampinternal.com

However, when I actually go into AD and under the Profile tab, within the HomeFolder section, I do see the ‘Connect’ radio button selected and a UNC path.

Has anyone seen this before?


I figured it out.

The account I was given was presumed to have admin privileges. It did not. Under admin account, all properties are now visible.