Machine key disappearing every time machine goes off

I am trying to do mass deploy of a specific program and the first time I run my script everything works like expected. But if the users shut down the computer or the internet goes away looks like the machine key disappears and the program does not saves this key. The machines in which the program gets installed they delete almost everything every night( except the program that I am installing.) Is there a way to ensure that the key that is being generated is not going to lose? Any command?

This is a PowerShell forum. Is this question in any way related to PowerShell?

I’d recommend to ask this question - along with a lot more information about your infrastructure and technical details - in a Windows system or software deployment related forum.

I see, as per I did everything in powershell I thought probably here I could find any help, but ok Ill do so.

How could we know that? Until now you did not share enough information to recommend anything.

I have more than 6 scripts that is why it is little bit complicated, I was wondering in general if there is any command to ensure that the key will be saved no matter what. But Ok im doing some tries so probably I will find something. Thank you

You may overcomplicate things. :wink:

What key? You’ve given us no information that we can use to help you.