Logging in PowerShell script like as MSBuild format

Hi All,

I am new here, My questions is

How can I do logging in my PowerShell script which will look like a MSBuild logging.

MSBuild error message are like,

C:\dir1\foo.resx(2) : error BC30188: Declaration expected.

I want this type of logging in my PowerShell script. I don’t want to call an MSBuild project from PowerShell for this.

Is there any way to do this?


Each CMDLET has the common variables which contain. . .


You can specify Out Variable and then output the output of each command to a log file. This is how I like to do it. There may be better ways. Let me make a simple example.

Get-Service v* -OutVariable VService ## Note that my variable name “VService” does NOT have the dollar sign
$VService ## Now contains all your output

At the end of your script you can simply use Out-File to send the content of each of your variables to a log file

$VService | Out-File -FilePath .\vservice.log -Append

you can do the same kind of thing with more than just output you can capture the warnings and errors with -WarningVariable and -ErrorVariable and maybe write those to a separate log.


But I need the script output in MSBuild output format

Ah I am not a developer so I have no idea what you are saying when you say MSBuild.

It looks a lot like XML so you may be able to play with the ConvertTo-Xml or Export-Clixml CMDLETs to make it work. Otherwise you would have to write your own format function to format table output into this XML Like “MSBuild” format. Sorry I missed that point.

This may also help http://stackoverflow.com/questions/869278/how-to-invoke-msbuild-from-powershell-using-operator or http://www.verious.com/article/invoke-ms-build-powershell-module/