List view issue

Hi, just having an issue displaying output in listview. Want to get dc server name in column 1 and site in column 2.

Below shows all the data, but all in column one.

function updatedclist
$Config = ([adsi]“LDAP://rootdse”).ConfigurationNamingContext
$dse = [adsi]“LDAP://$config”
$searcher = New-Object DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher ($dse, “ObjectClass=nTDSDSA”)
$searcher.findall() |
$DCs = new-object System.Windows.Forms.ListViewItem([adsi]$.path).parent
$server = $DCs | foreach { ($
-split ‘CN=’)[1] -replace ‘,’}
$site = $DCs | foreach { ($_ -split ‘CN=’)[3] -replace ‘,’}


I’d look at getting your data in a manageable format and then add it to the list.

This will give you an output of DC and site

Get-ADObject -SearchBase “CN=Configuration,$(Get-ADDomain | select -ExpandProperty DistinguishedName)” -LDAPFilter “(ObjectClass=nTDSDSA)” |
select -ExpandProperty DistinguishedName |
foreach {

$data = $psitem -split “,”

$props = [ordered]@{
DC = ($data[1] -split “=”)[1]
Site = ($data[3] -split “=”)[1]

New-Object -TypeName PSObject -Property $props


You can loop through the objects and add to the List

In your code I’m not sure what this line is doing
$DCs = new-object System.Windows.Forms.ListViewItem([adsi]$_.path).parent

but I think its where your problem lies